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The Head of Scandinavian Hat Design

Fredrikson is traditional and highly well-known Finnish hat designer and manufacturer. It's one of the biggest hat brands and factories in North Europe. Our head office is located in Helsinki. Fredrikson team is small, but effective and innovative. Every collection is designed with passion and profession.

We know styles and trends and realize customers needs. The Fredrikson collection is like "daily couture", luxurious, but always functional. The collection contains high-quality hats for women, men and children. Children's collection offers functional, fresh and original hats, that kids love! Materials are high-quality resistant, colorful and delight. Fredrikson has good understanding in fashion and Nordic conditions such as weather.

The most well-known Fredrikson products are graduation hats, which are used by almost 30 000 students in a year. The manufacturing process in students hats is very traditional, there's still plenty of handicraft. We use only trusted suppliers and best materials. Our graduation hats are certified with The Key Flag by The Association for Finnish Work.

The Battlefield of Bows and Ties

Fredrikson was founded 1887 by merchandiser Anton Fredrikson. After producing several years neckties and bow ties, he decided to expand his business to hat designing. When The First World War started, Fredrikson supplied hats for Russian army. Few years later the Finnish soldiers got their hats from Fredrikson.

Long history, experienced employers and trusted suppliers make Fredrikson the most respected Finnish hat brand.